Wethersfield & Beazley End - Footpath 27 extinguishment

Are there footpaths that you used to walk but are prevented from doing so now?

Are there paths that you have seen on old maps that could be useful but that aren’t available now?

The Ramblers have volunteer working parties clearing existing paths and the “lost ways” project researching historic paths.

Are you aware that the footpath in Beazley End, Wethersfield, shaded yellow on the map below – and the walked route around the outside of the farm buildings - will be closed unless people object?

The footpath links up with Codham Little Park Drive which is currently designated by Essex Highways as a “private road”. Was it always? Have you walked the drive or the footpath or seen anyone walking the route - either through or around the farm buildings as they were – at any time in the past, no matter how distant? Have you ever seen a footpath fingerpost along the route? Do you have any photographs of the area/ footpath route?

If yes, please get in touch. Your information will help the Ramblers to keep these paths open & available to all.

Please email me, Katherine, Ramblers Braintree District Footpath Secretary, at ramblers.ke@gmail.com